Our last day

Today we tried all kinds of flies … Not a great day of fishing but still enough for dinner tomorrow night (and the weather couldn’t have been better!!). We had the most luck on red or black Zebra midges and sow bugs.

My (Bayley) casting is improving but LOTS of room for improvement… A few lessons learned this weekend:

1. Taking casting lessons from your husband is not good for your marriage.
2. Letting out too much line while fly fishing when u don’t know what your doing can leave you with welts (my poor back … Three times I got drilled with B B Gun force ). The culprit was the pink fuzzy below with a lead head… Cute but Cruel!!!
3. Dad has a way with trout, in more ways than one … He caught more than the rest of us… And three of them tried to get frisky with him.

(the adorable pooch wandered up to our porch this morning at breakfast time … Pretty sure he smelled the bacon. Largest golden retriever I’ve ever seen!!)

The last photo was taken by my very talented almost brother in law, Greg Smit. Gorgeous!!








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