Day 4, Destin. A Redfish Montage … Caught on GoPro cam with New Shimano Rod

Finally a little success … with high winds and dirty water the inshore and kayak fishing has not been much of an option. Last night we walked nearly 2 miles down to the jetty where finally, a little excitement. My new Shimano Terez rod made it VERY fun … lots of fight with that rod.  -bayley

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Reality Fishing

Meet Peter Miller, host of Bass 2 Billfish, lifelong fisherman, (male model), hubby, dad, (Scott’s FB man-crush) and soon to be our gracious host/tour and fishing guide in Fort Myers, FL! After following the show for the last year it’s BEYOND any real comprehension to think that tomorrow we fly out to be on an episode for the upcoming season. Of course we hope to have great success on the water, but really and truly are just thrilled to have the opportunity to get away, experience new things and meet fun new people in parts of the country we’ve never been!!

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Anyone who’s been following us on this thing knows that our life has been a roller coaster over the last couple of years (i’m beginning to realize that probably never changes?!?!?) – this summer starts a whole new chapter for us as Scott is moving away from his landscaping business after 10 years (WOW … more on this later). All this to say this most gracious invitation from Peter to join him on his show could not have come at more opportune time …. sweet sweet timing. God is good!!

Not sure how much we’ll be able to update throughout the week … to be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course i had to get my toes TV ready …

I wanted something appropriate for the occasion and brought in a killer bonefish pic!

This was the result.

It’s not quite what i had in mind but considering you find yourself at the mercy of the artistic skill level of the sweet young lady who has been chosen to huddle at your feet for an hour, I guess it will do!!!! ;-)